Conference presentation – Why do we need Crypto Credit-Money (2.0)?

We were presenting at the Blockercon Conference in Bristol ( in June 2019 about our favorite topic – Crypto Credit-Money – Why do we need it?
Here are the Slideshare slides of this presentation
[slideshare id=161340702&doc=programmableelasticcreditmoney004-190805192742] is close to launching our platform. This platform shows in real life how to create decentral crypto credit money. Decentral credit money is created in the same way, as it has been created in the last 5’000 years – via the lending process. And it’s destroyed in the same way, as it has been done in the last 5’000 years – via payments of principal and interest. Everything is the same, as it was for thousands of years – but this time it’s empowered by blockchain.
In this scenario there are no banks involved – it’s peer to peer platform. Today’s banks earn high profits from credit money creation, it’s called seigniorage. It is estimated to be 3% of the principal. Now, let’s imagine this seigniorage will not belong to the selected view (commercial banks), but it will be distributed via decentral lending into the society. Just imagine what would be the effect of this for the wealth distribution in society.
We would be very happy if you look at our conference presentation and our pilot demo as well.
Thank you!

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