Tailor-Made Portfolio Advisory

We do not offer standard portfolio solutions, we offer tailor-made portfolio solution for each client.


Active Portfolio Management

We do not believe in buy-and-hold-strategies, instead, our objective is to time portfolio decisions using quantitative methods.


Facts Instead of Opinions

We do not believe in social decision making or into herd driven investments, instead, our decisions are facts and analysis based.

Investeerimise Fondid


We offer Active and Passive Funds for Crypto-Investments.

Passive Funds

We offer Passive Funds, among them a Crypto Fund which represents ten equally weighted crypto assets. Contrary to normal Portfolio Construction, we do not use market weighting, but naive weighting, because in emerging markets naive weighting ist better than market weighting.

Active Funds

Active Crypto Funds

Biggest disruptive factors are emotions and herding. Instead of our funds being led by emotions, we let our funds be led by mathematical derived rules, which are optimized to deliver the highest returns by the smallest risk.

Active Crypto Fixed Income Funds

Crypto misses today fixed income components, although fixed income market size is ten times higher than the stock market. We aim to deliver crypto fixed-income funds so that clients can invest in crypto fixed-income funds with different credit scores.

Holistic Crypto Portfolio Management

By combining crypto funds with crypto fixed-income funds, we can deliver optimal risk-return profiles, which are tailor-made to client needs.

Compared to our Competition

The wealth management process should always start with an analysis of capabilities to invest and willingness to invest. Additionally, we include human capital and behavioral parameters, and life-cycle analysis. All these factors together drive the portfolio structure.

Our key differentiators are:

  • Holistic crypto portfolio management
  • Fixed income crypto funds
  • Tailor made portfolios (taking into account human capital and behavioral parameters)


  • 2019 April – Incorporation
  • 2019 April / May – Taylor Made Portfolio Advisory Start
  • 2019 December – Legal Framework finished
  • 2020 January – First Passive Product listed
  • 2020 April – First Active Rules-Based Crypto Fund listed
  • 2020 December – Second Active Rules-Based Crypto Fund
  • 2021 February – Third Active Rules-Based Crypto Fund


Our vision is to develop and launch peer-to-peer systems in finance, without intermediaries, for the wider benefit.

Bodo Näef

Naef, Ph.D., MA AccFin

Wealth Management Expert

Tarmo Ploom

Ploom, Ph.D., MBA, CFA, CAIA

Investment Strategies

Martin Ploom

Ploom, MBA, MSc Ec

Investment Strategies

Christoph Bell

Bell, LLM


Korduma Kippuvad Küsimused

When will SmartWealth.io services be available?
The services to the qualified investors are available already now; the services to retail investors are available after regulatory licenses approval.

Which countries can use SmartWealth.io services?
Qualified investors from every country are welcome to use our services. Retail investors have to be from the jurisdictions, where our services have regulatory approval.

Is the use of cryptocurrencies required for SmartWealth.io?
Not at all. The wealth management process is starting with the holistic life-cycle based assessment, the capabilities analysis, and willingness analysis. This results in the portfolio definition, which will drive the investment process.

Are you creating crypto-only portfolios?
We are always starting with the capability and willingness analysis. Additionally, we consider the life-cycle / human capital approach. This implies that we recommend investing only part of total assets into the crypto assets, if the investor is willing to invest into crypto currencies.

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