Efficient Frontier

Modern Portfolio Management Approaches for Cryptoassets

Wealth management is a multi-billion-dollar business. As the market capitalization for cryptoassets grows, it will be interesting to apply the concepts of wealth management to cryptocurrency investments. This article looks...

Bitcoin and Digital Banking 2.0

Introduction Digital Banking is on everyone’s mind — it’s about automating end-to-end banking processes and offering a digital experience to end clients. The focus on Digital Banking is understandable —...

Traditional Banking vs. Crypto Finance

Combining the traditional banking business with crypto finance

The traditional banking business is based on fiat currencies. Conversely, a diverse range of cryptographically secured digital coins underlie the cryptoasset industry. In previous articles, we looked at how traditional...

Landscape transformation

How crypto and smart contracts will impact traditional banking business revenue

Many banks are participating in a range of blockchain consortia and are looking for ways to apply blockchain technologies to improve their internal processing. Here, the approach is to essentially...

Landscape transformation

How blockchain disintermediation will impact private banking processes?

Blockchain technology will bring about changes to client value networks: New alternative financial services providers will emerge, and services that are currently billable will become free or virtually free (including...

Crossing the chasm

Lecture — FHNW Basel,  Blockchain Value Cases

Here is the presentation about Blockchain Value Cases held at the University of Applied Sciences in Basel (via Slideshare): [slideshare id=79187491&doc=blockchainvaluecasesinstartupscenev0-170827105313] The short version is this: