Capability to Borrow

What really matters for the borrower? Answer – Capability to borrow.

There are the custodian and non-custodian crypto lending platforms. The key difference between them is who controls the assets - the first ones control your crypto assets, by the second... Approach

Why are the collateralization ratios so high in DeFi Protocols?

The current collateralization ratios are ca 300% + for the DeFi borrowing/lending protocols. These ratios benefit the lenders on these platforms because over-collateralization protects their loans. However, these ratios reduce...

Where is the credit-money?

Conference presentation – Why do we need Crypto Credit-Money (2.0)?

We were presenting at the Blockercon Conference in Bristol ( in June 2019 about our favorite topic - Crypto Credit-Money - Why do we need it? Here are the Slideshare...

Programmable Elastic Crypto Credit Money

Conference Presentation – Why do we need Crypto Credit Money (1.0)?

I was presenting on 28th of November 2018 at the conference in Tallinn, Estonia about the monetary systems and about why one will need credit money in the crypto...